CD Ajo Čerňanský [ny 24 6007-2]

CD Information

CD Ajo Čerňanský

Ajo Čerňanský

Released by Jan Nykrýn label

Catalogue Number: ny 24 6007-2

Year: 2015

Made in Czech Republic

EAN: 8595224600720

The CD represents a fusion project of Slovak bass guitarist and music composer Ajo Čerňanský. His music blends styles like jazz, rock, funk, classic and hip-hop. He plays most instruments by himself, but he also cooperates with great musicians like guitarist Andrej Katona (electric guitar in Kolombus, solo guitar in One Night In A Smoky Bar and Streets Of The Paris) and drummer Dano Elek (drums in Kolombus and Inside Of The Sun). Ajo plays a Fender bass from 1969, MusicMac Sabre bass from 1978 and fretless bass handmade by a luthier in New York. All songs are composed by Ajo Čerňanský.

Na výrobě CD se dále podíleli:
Recording Director and Engineer: Ajo Čerňanský
Mastering: Aleš Dvořák – Studio Kryt
Design: Ajo Čerňanský and Peter Kolarovič
Photos: Ajo Čerňanský, Peter Kolarovič and Christina Hoppe
Production: Jan Nykrýn - 2015



CD Content


CD content:

  • Bratislava
  • Kolombus
  • Inside Of The Sun
  • Dance Of Witches
  • Soundpaintings
  • Addiction
  • Life
  • Senescence
  • No Blooming Daisies Anymore
  • Streets Of Paris
  • One Night In A Smoky Bar
  • Year 3000
  • Time


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