CD Orgel im Templo Ecuménico [ny 24 6002-2]

CD Information

CD Orgel im Templo Ecumenico

Orgel im Templo Ecuménico – Tomas Flegr

Released by Jan Nykrýn label

Catalogue Number: ny 24 6002-2

Year: 2007

Made in Czech Republic

EAN: 8595224600225

CD of the organist Tomáš Flégr has been recorded in Templo Ecuménico (Gran Canaria), Canary Islands, and released in a limited edition – it is not available for public sale.

Tomáš Flégr – organ

Mastering: Aleš Dvořák - Studio Kryt
Executive Producer: Franz Josef Michaely - 2007
Production: Jan Nykrýn - 2007

Acknowledgements: Don Jesús Marqués Martín – Cerezo, Rector del Templo Ecuménico, Gran Canaria



CD Content:


CD content – Compositions by:

  • Linzer Orgeltabulatur
  • Johann Pachelbel
  • Johann Speth
  • Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Johann Gottfried Walther
  • Domenico Zipoli
  • Robert Johann Nepomuk Führer
  • Christian Friedrich Ruppe




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